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THIRTIETH  SUNDAY Cycle A                                                                                           26th October 2014

MASS INTENTIONS & SERVICES                                                                                                                                                                                                      


SATURDAY: (First Mass of Sunday)

  6.00: Michael Barrass RIP


  8.30: (Chestfield): Holy Souls (Box)

10.30: Celebrant: Father Tony O’Brien


 9.00: Eucharistic Service

TUESDAY: Saints Simon & Jude, Apostles, Feast

   9.40: Morning Prayer                                                                                                               

 10.00: Private Intention (Willey)


 6.00pm: Philip & Elizabeth Halliday


 9.00: Holy Souls (Father White)


                    9.30 – 12.00 :  2.30 – 3.30


HYMNS:  75.  499.  197.

CREED: 469

HOLY, HOLY:  470  



  9.40: Morning Prayer

10.00: Olive Powell, RIP (Friends)



11.00: Private Intention


 CONFESSIONS: 11.30-12.00  :  5.30-5.45  


Next weekend:  

  6.00: Joanna Rowe, RIP (Bryson)

  8.30: (Chestfield): All our Parishioners

10.30: Deceased Knights of St. Columba


WELCOME: FATHER TONY O’BRIEN, who will be known to many parishioners, is a Priest in the Diocese of Miami and his family lives in our parish. Father Tony will celebrate and preach today at 10.30 Mass and we will have the opportunity to meet him in the Parish Social Centre after Mass.


PACT: there will be a voluntary Retiring Collection after Masses today for “PACT”, the Catholic agency working for prisoners and their dependents, taken today as there was a Special Collection on “Prisoners’Sunday” itself.


MASS COUNT: today is the last official Mass Count for the Diocese taken on the four Sundays of October. May I ask counters to be exact as they can, recounting if necessary for accuracy, including everyone apart from the clergy.


CATHOLIC PAPERS: are on sale as usual, also the October edition of the “Pilgrim” the Diocesan newspaper.  Both the Universe and Catholic Times are £1.30 – the Pilgrim 50p.


CHRISTMAS BAZAAR: on Saturday 29th November at 11.00am- 1:00 pm in the Parish Social Centre. Raffle tickets for the Grand Draw will be on sale from today. From Saturday 25th October donations for the stalls of gifts, books, toys, groceries, bottles, jewellery and cakes on the day may be left at the back of the church. No bric-a-brac or electrical goods please.


TEAS AND COFFEES: this week will be provided by the CONFIRMATION GROUP and next week by the “IRISH MAFIA”.


SICK: Your kind prayers are asked for the sick and housebound of our parish including, Jo Woodbine,  Katherine Harris, Mary Churchley, George Somerset, Ronnie Haines, Sylvia Hale, Keggy Diamond, Eileen Churchley, Frances Alderson,  Geoff Barrett, Oscar O’Sullivan, Nicholas Watson, Catherine Drury, Ivy Austen, Ann Gilheaney, Cecil Humphery-Smith, Phil  Willis, Pauline Summers, Alan James, Laura Blazier, Colin Hadley, Jim Wright, Gerard Ussher-Smith, Madeleine Matthews, Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Brenda Vernon, Reita Mugford, Mike Kavanagh and James Thornton.


ANNIVERSARIES: Please remember in your prayers Arthur Hankey, Linda Kerr, Tess Holley, Ida Wright, Bill Stone, Joe Sykes, Rena Barrett, Albert Tracey, Sister De Sales, Fred Rowden, Leo Trainer, Thomas Magee, Dennis Flaxman, Teresa Killion, Peter Tooher, Anne Ticehurst, Peggy Ellis, Irene Punter and Charles Ford whose anniversaries occur about this time.


FINANCE: Thank you for your weekly offertories:








   NON G/A










PARISH SOCIAL CENTRE: the repair work on the leaking part of the roof, mentioned in last week’s newsletter, was duly completed .




ANNUAL DISCOVERING PRIESTHOOD DAY: takes place this Saturday 1st November at St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh, GU5 0QX, from 10am until 5pm (lunch and refreshments will be provided). This is an opportunity to explore a vocation to the priesthood as well as a chance to visit St. John’s seminary and meet the seminarians and is for men aged 16-50 who want to know more about a vocation to the priesthood. There will be times of prayer, discussion, relaxation and Mass. For further details ring Fr. Terry Martin on 07545 576627 or e-mail See poster on church notice boards. Please speak to me, Father Kevin, if you may be interested in attending this day.


A TIME FOR MOURNING: a retreat/workshop for those suffering from the pain of loss at Aylesford Priory from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th November. This weekend will give time for quiet prayer, talking and acceptance and is led by trained, experienced counsellors. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Partridge on (01303) 873835 or e-mail See poster on church notice boards.


ST. MARY’S CP SCHOOL: PFA are collecting used printer ink cartridges. If you have any to give then please leave them in the school office.


ROOM REQUIRED: a gentleman of our parish requires a room for accommodation for 4 – 5 months. Please phone

07867 422644 if you can make such an offer.


VOLUNTEER’S REQUIRED: Canterbury Foodbank is in need of additional volunteer resources in the following areas – Van Drivers, Administration, Packing Supervisor and Weekly Packers. If you are interested in any of these vacancies then e-mail or visit website 


NEXT SUNDAY: as “All Saints” next weekend falls on a Saturday its observance is transferred to the Sunday,  

2nd November.  As a result “All Souls Day” is transferred to the Monday, 3rd November. As not everyone can get to Mass on the Monday we will pray for all those in our parish community who have died in the past year at 10:30am Mass next Sunday.  Please encourage relatives and friends of loved ones to join us. There will be the customary two Masses at 10:00am and 8:00pm on “All Souls Day” itself to pray for all the Faithful Departed as well as our own deceased relatives and friends.


                                                                        May God bless you,